The Top 10 Best Birthday Gifts for Your New Girlfriend All for Less Than CDN $50

One of the hardest decisions a man has to make in a new relationship  is buying that first birthday gift for his new girlfriend. He loves her, he knows that she is the right one for him, he wants her to know that, and he wants to get her a gift that helps him let her know that she is the one. However he is scared, scared that he will get it wrong. He knows her but may doubt himself that he knows her well enough to get her the perfect gift, and to make matters worse she hasn't dropped any hints or sent him any signals as to what she may want. He's also confused because he doesn't want to spend too much and give the impression that he is too flashy or wasteful with money, or spend too little and come off as being cheap.


If you find yourself in such a situation where you don't know or you areunsure of the best first birthday gift to get for your new girlfriend, then we recommend you take these steps:

  1. Ask her what it is she wants. However if you want to surprise her or you are not comfortable doing so, then;
  2. Consult a mutual friend or family member to help you discreetly get the information. If you are unable to get this done, then;
  3. Dig deep into your memory for past conversations about the things she said she likes or wanted to get (would be best if you start paying attention early on in the relationship). If this fails;
  4. Take her out to dinner, movies, on an adventure or some other form of date as there is nothing  more important to a relationship than spending quality time together.

If you are still unable to solve the problem by following our four recommendations, then we have put together a list of 10 gifts for you to choose from your new girlfriend. All of these gifts cost less than CDN$50 and are available for Amazon Prime Shipping Canada. 

1. Color Changing Ceramic Coffee Mug by InGwest 

This 11 ounce (325 mL) Color Changing Ceramic Coffee Mug is a great birthday gift for your new girlfriend.

On pouring hot coffee (or any other hot beverage) in the mug, it changes from a sad face on a black background to a smiling face on a blue background.

This is sure to put a smile on her face in the morning. 

Get the Color Changing Ceramic Coffee Mug on Amazon for CDN$ 19.99

2. Tree Jewelry Rack by Kuki Shop

A Tree Jewelry Stand Rack makes an excellent birthday gift for your girlfriend. It is a beautiful and effective means of storing and organizing jewelry.

The rack is designed like a tree, with branches for hanging necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. The rack makes it easy for her to select her jewelry, it prevents necklaces from tangling and it makes a great decorative piece. The rack is made of metal and is available in three types of finishing: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Get the Tree Jewelry Stand Rack on Amazon for CDN$ 24.98

3. Waist Pack by E-Tronic 

If she is active and enjoys running, working out, hiking, cycling, training and other sports; then get her a waist pack for her birthday. 

A good waist pack is light weight and durable, has water resistant compartments for storing cell phones and other personal belongings, reflective strips so you will be seen at nights, and fits comfortably so it doesn't bounce when you are moving.  

This E-tronic waist belt meets all of these criteria and more. There are two colors to choose from, Pink & Blue. Your girlfriend will love it.

Get the E-tronic Waist Belt on Amazon for CDN$ 17.97

4. Moon Themed Ambient/Night Light by Mambre

The Mambre ambient/night light recreates the warm and comfortable glow of the moonlight inside of the house. It may be placed in multiple locations in the house, including the living, dining or bedrooms.  

The lamp has 3 easily adjustable intensity levels.

This is a gift she will enjoy alone when she needs to relax or meditate, or she will enjoy it with you when you are spending moments together

Get the Mamre Moon Lamp on Amazon for CDN$ 42.99

5. RFID Blocking - Genuine Leather Purse by Bostanten

A good quality purse is always a great gift idea for your girlfriend.

This genuine leather, hand stitched, heavy duty purse that comes with 17 cards slots, 2 bill pockets, 1 ID window slot, 1 inner zipper pocket and 1 removable hand strap wristlet fits the bill perfectly. It is beautiful and practical for organizing and carrying phones, cables, bills, credit cards, keys, coins, etc. It has built in RFID signal blocking technology that protects your credit cards from fraudsters who are using credit card scanning devices.

You are able to get it in her favorite color as there are 12 color options available.

Get the Genuine Leather Purse on Amazon for CDN$ 46.99

6. Wine Accessories Kit Set by Tomoral

If your girlfriend loves wine then a wine accessories kit with aerator is a perfect birthday gift for her.

The wine accessories gift set comes with everything necessary to drink a bottle of wine in style. The set includes: aerator, tower arm, tower base, mini base, travel pouch and no-splash grate. 

The set is very convenient as it allows for hands free decanting, and may place all the wine opener accessories on the storage stand holder, which also has two places to hang wine glasses. 

Get the Wine Accessories Kit on Amazon for CDN$ 29.99

7. Q&A a Day Five Year Journal

A journal is an important must have for everyone. If your girlfriend does not have a journal, then get her one for her birthday, especially if she is embarking on a new phase in her life. Even if she does have a journal, you should get her the Q&A a Day journal. 

This journal will help her to track her thoughts everyday for five years. The journal has daily thought provoking questions at the top of the page, that will help her to organize and record her thoughts. The journal includes questions such as:"On a scale of one to ten, how happy are you"?  and "If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?”

Get the Q&A  a Day Journal on Amazon for CDN$ 18.80

8. The Book of Unusual Knowledge

Does your girlfriend have a curious mind and a passion for learning? Does your girlfriend enjoy trivia?

The Book of Unusual Knowledge padded hardcover book is packed with plenty of completely captivating information.

The book touches a range of topics, including the animal kingdom, art, sports, technology, history, politics, the universe, and much, much more. Some examples of questions answered in the book include: Are plastic bags killing sacred cows in India? Does NASCAR have roots in bootlegging moonshine? Did Ronald Reagan see not one but two UFOs during his lifetime?

Give your girlfriend the Book of Unusual Knowledge for her birthday, and you will be having interesting discussions for years to come.

Get the Book of Unusual Knowledge on Amazon for CDN$ 18.35

9. Tablet Stand by Lamicall

If your girlfriend has an Ipad or Tablet, then a Tablet stand makes a very practical and useful birthday present.

It will make it easier for her to play games, watch videos, view photos, read, type, and record videos. 

The Lamicall Tablet Stand is a great choice. 

It is easily adjusted to support both vertical and horizontal viewing, it has rubber pads and feet that protects the device from slipping and scratches, and it is made from Aluminum and Titanium alloy that makes it strong and very light weight. Depending on her choice of colors, you may get it in Black & Silver. 

Get the Lamicall Tablet Stand  on Amazon for CDN$ 32.99

10. Five (5) Pairs Women's Casual Cute Dog/Cat Funny Socks 

This five pairs of casual funny cat/dog socks will make an interesting and funny present for a girlfriend who has a good sense of humor.

In addition to being funny, the socks are also quite functional. The socks are suitable for Spring or Autumn, may be worn in the home or office, inside or outside, daily or occasionally.

The socks comes in 8 different five pair multi colored sets and are suitable for women who wear sizes 5 to 8.5.   

Buy the Women's Casual Cute Dog/Cat Funny Socks on Amazon for CDN$ 19.99

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